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Kent Academy Miango is looking for a qualified applicant to fill in the position of a Vice Principal Administration.
Closing Date: 
September 17th, 2018
 The vice principal administration holds a key leadership position in the operation of the educational program in the upper elementary school. An effective vice principal administration helps to develop a school culture and climate that is engaging, collaborative, innovative, and supportive of efforts to improve achievement and success of all students. To perform this role successfully, an individual must be responsible for providing assistance to the principal in the administration of the entire school program.
Kent Academy Miango, Plateau State
Closing Date:
September 17th, 2018 or filled
Kent Academy was established by SIM in 1945, as a school for the children of SIM Missionaries. Kent Academy, named for Thomas Kent, one of the three SIM founders, took off in the rainy season of 1945 with five students and Paul Craig as the Administrator/Principal. KA is now serving national church workers, internationals and others with a student body of less than 200 students as boarding students.
The purpose of Kent Academy is to provide an excellent Christian Primary and Secondary education in a nurturing living and learning environment where children are disciple and equipped to fulfill God’s purpose for them in the church and society.
Kent Academy is maintained primarily to provide educational opportunities for children of various backgrounds in good standing who meet the entrance requirements outlined by the School Board. Enrollment is open to all without discrimination.
Kent Academy offers instruction from grades one through six organized on the basis of the common North American Pattern of elementary (grades 1 – 6) and high school (grades 7 – 12) education with some adaptations to international and Nigeria curriculum.
The basic educational philosophy upon which Kent Academy is founded is rooted in the Bible view of each person as created by God with certain potential abilities which needs to be developed for the glory of the creator. It is the responsibility of the school in cooperation with the parents to guide and encourage each student in developing his/her potential to its fullest extent.
Therefore, education at Kent Academy is aimed at the development of the entire individuals: spiritually, mentally, physically and socially. The principles of life set forth in the Bible are the guidelines used by the staff of the school in working toward this end. Bible knowledge is very essential element at all levels of instruction in the class room and the dormitories. If they so desire, a student has the right to choose to become a Christian.
Kent Academy employs approximately 68 staff members, serving approximately 110 students 1st grade-8th grade growing to a full Junior to Senior Secondary School with a projected increase of population to over 200 in the future.
The Vice Principal Administration holds a key leadership position in the operation of the educational program in the school. An effective vice principal administration helps to develop a school culture and climate that is engaging, collaborative, innovative, and supportive of efforts to improve achievement and success of all students. To perform this role successfully, an individual must be responsible for providing assistance to the principal in the administration of the entire school program.
The vice principal administration embraces the district’s mission, vision, and collective commitments. His/her actions reflect the district’s philosophy that places the needs of children and their education first. The vice principal administration values the foundation of a strong school culture and climate. 
The vice principal administration possesses the ability to develop successful working relationships with school building staff, parents, students, and community members. He/she possesses highly effective written and verbal communication skills, and functions as an effective and collaborative team member and leader. 
The vice principal administration must be a strong advocate for student success. The vice principal motivates teachers and staff to provide students with necessary and appropriate opportunities to meet high standards.
The vice principal admin. knows the attributes of quality instruction and assessment and is able to help teachers expand their repertoire of effective teaching strategies and assessment techniques. He or she must be capable of establishing the expectation for effective teaching and also possess the skills for supervising and evaluating instruction. He/she will evaluate professional and support staff. 
The vice principal admin. is responsible for assisting the principal with the leadership of the professional staff and direct the resources of the school toward school improvement. As an instructional leader, the vice principal must possess a holistic view of the elementary curriculum and student assessment and lead the professional staff toward these goals.
The vice principal shares the responsibility for developing a safe, orderly, and disciplined school environment that is conducive to teaching and learning. The vice principal effectively gains the understanding and cooperation of teachers and students in meeting the expectations of the code of conduct and other established school expectations. He or she must also build and support a climate where those rules are administered uniformly and fairly. The vice principal should be proficient at identifying problems, establishing priorities and implementing solutions consistent with the school and district’s priorities and goals.
The vice principal assists the principal in motivating and leading the staff in an ongoing and continual process of school improvement and professional development. 
The vice principal shares responsibility for generating parental and community involvement and support, and plays an integral role in the area of community relations.
The vice principal administration collaboratively oversees the administration of the building, along with the principal, including leading school staff, master schedules, school programs and communication, facility needs and other essential elements of an effective school environment. 
Stay current with educational developments, legislation affecting education, and participate in professional organizations.
The vice principal is responsible for working with the principal in establishing a school culture and climate which engages all stakeholders and values the involvement, leadership and collaboration of others.
The vice principal serves as a learning-centered leader, focused on the continuous development of his/her own knowledge, skill and capabilities, as well as the development of the staff's capabilities and effectiveness as educators. 
Other duties as assigned.
The following is a list of minimum qualifications for this position, any one of which may be waived by the Board and Administration in exercising its prerogative to determine qualifications. 
A minimum of undergraduate degree in Arts, Humanities, Sciences, and Social Sciences is recommended with graduate study and experience in any of the following: school administration or educational leadership.
Must hold a TRCN certificate or proof of enrollment in a program leading to certification as a PROFESSIONAL EDUCATOR at the time of application for this position.
A passionate commitment to improving learning for all students.
Visionary and creative leadership that promotes team and community building.
Successful teaching experience, administrative experience, internship, or other leadership roles is required.
Evidence of ability to be approachable, knowledgeable and collaborative in solving problems.
Demonstrated positive interpersonal relationships.
Evidence of ability to establish positive working relationships with all stakeholders.
Respect for team concept and diversity and the ability to create a positive work climate.
Superior verbal and written communication skills.
Ability to administer and supervise the school building and school-related activities.
Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality.
Have experience and proficient in technology.
A person whose Christian life shows maturity, growth, patience and a warm attitude in relating to people.
Should be a good listener and have abilities in counseling.
Should have a love and appreciation for children.
Should have vision for God’s will for the future.
Willing to uphold ECWA doctrines, core values, vision, mission and the Bible as the final absolute authority.
Record Keeping
Supervisory Skills
Effective communication & Interpersonal Skills
Administrative Writing Skills, Computer skills
Organization & Workload Management
Relationship Management
Problem Solving
A good working relationship with Proprietor, School Board Management, Teachers, Staff and Students, Parents, Partners-Alumni 
The work year, salary, and fringe benefits will be consistent with the salary structure of ECWA that the school applies. 
The deadline for applications is 4:00 pm on September 17th, 2018. This position will remain open until the position is filled.
1. Submit application with all relevant documents (2-4) online at
2. Upload a letter of application with a resume
3. Three (3) letters of recommendation dated within the past twelve (12) months or a hard copy 
    at the reception desk in the school office.
4. Written response to the following:
a) What are the three most important beliefs and/or values you have as a school leader? For each of these beliefs and/or values, share an example that demonstrates each of these leadership values in practice within your work.
b) Please reflect on a project you have been involved with that had a positive impact on student learning. Be sure to include the purpose, intended and actual outcomes, a brief summary of the process and your specific role. What did you learn from your involvement in this project?
5. Interviews with selected applicants will be held as soon as practicable after the deadline date.
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