Kent Academy Miango Dorms play a vital part in Kent Academy since it began in 1945. It was structured to cater for the needs of missionary children whose parents served outside in different parts of West Africa from inception but presently serves the Church, government workers, and business families within and outside Nigeria who desire quality education for their children.


KA has two dorms for girls and boys. Each dorm is divided in sections based on grade levels. Each section of the dorms has rooms wide enough to take four pupils (often assigned two or three students) and their stuffs. Accommodation is provided for Dorm Parents at each wing of the dorms to cater for students of two grades that live in the wing. These parents keep an eye on the pupils both when they are in the dorms, playgrounds, dining hall, the chapel, and at nights. Students have 24/7 access through doors inside leading to the Dorm Parent’s living room. Our Dorm Parents provide the best foster parent care possible for our pupils in the absence of their biological parents.

All dorm parents are passionate, well-educated academically and experienced in child care. We go for the best available manpower for the sake of our children. These provide holistic, seamless, and continued education from classrooms to the dorms.  We intentionally train our children locally to represent God and humanity globally.

Our boarding program provides an alternative and suitable home-away-from-home for our students. The Dorms are full of exciting activities such as room/manners contests, hiking, to mention but a few. The Dorms are designed to pose positive challenges to our teaming children and provide opportunities for mentoring them in a local context to know, experience God on daily basis through personal/group devotion, Bible memorization, so they are able to represent Him and humanity in our globe.

The Dorm Parents are made up of mature, skilled couples and singles that love the Lord and children. They seek to provide a family atmosphere in which students are cared for, mentored as in homes, and given responsibilities appropriate for their age. Dorm parents’ quarters are built into students dorm wings and students have a-24/7 access to them as long as they are not in classrooms. Dorm parents model to them the principle of the older and stronger among them patiently caring for and serving the younger and weak. Bullying is eradicated and fully unwelcome in KA.

Our prayer and desire, which we strive towards, is to see these students grow and mature physically, emotionally and spiritually, developing a Christ-like character and a heart for service that contributes positively to the life and growth of Kent Academy, the Church, and society.

Kent Academy Miango,
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PMB 2009,
Miango, Plateau State,

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