Facility Unit

KA Facility Unit was set up to undertake the general maintenance or repair work of the School. It is also responsible for the general cleanliness and upkeep of the School environment. This responsibility can be broken down into the areas of carpentry, electrical, plumbing, landscaping and gardening.


Grounds men are responsible for care of the compound. This involves sweeping, raking, weeding, and watering of existing plants and flowers and replanting to ensure the beauty and neatness of the compound.



The carpentry work involves the repair of furniture, window/door fittings and ceiling/roof. New furniture such as chairs, shelves, beds etc. are made by the school carpenters.






The electrical work involves repair and installation of electrical fittings, inverters, and equipment, maintenance of power lines and the generators to ensure regular and adequate supply of energy in all areas of the School.


Plumbing sees to the daily maintenance of water treatment and supply from the dam and boreholes, repair of plumbing fittings and equipment.


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